A populous underground metropolis, Absolumn is divided into 3 distinct zones – the Pinnacle, the Pit and the Sump. Each zone has its unique districts and are further split across 6 levels connected by the Monolith.


Hive denizens are colourful: a mixed bag of mutie half-breeds, augmented posthumans, deviant A.I. and machine weirdos. Hive life is savage due to cut-throat competition for scarce resources, hoarding of essentials and bartering of luxuries by autocrats, technocrats and corporations with private armies.


Earth’s temperatures soared. Faced with the doomsday prospect of getting poached, charred and vaporised, governments agreed to joint pilot tests to move populations off surface. Companies raced to hollow out the mountains, constructing energy-sucking monoliths to sustain life underground. 

 Oceans started boiling over. Territorial disputes ensued and nations turned on each other. Finally, nukes flew. Survivors of the fallout fled to the mountains where the power struggle continues to this very day.