Pulpstar Comics is founded by 2 creative partners and born from a love for killer art, weird characters and alternate universes in which one need not worry about being socially adjusted or politically correct. A passion project that is more than 3 years in the making, AUTOMARTYR is Pulpstar Comic’s debut title – a 6-part series with a gripping storyline, plot twists and enough fantastic characters to tickle Tolkein and Lucas combined.


Somjai has worked as an art director and creative director in advertising for …ever, but has more years of experience reading comics and doodling gun-toting robots and monsters. He has won accolades for his craft which include D&AD, Cannes, Clio Awards and New York Festivals to name a few. Somjai aspires to win an Eisner Award next.



A long-time writer and creative head in adland, Juliana decided that waxing lyrical about fast cars, big planes, private banks and soda pop was getting a bit blah, but not before winning more than 40 awards globally including the One Show, Cannes, Clios and Golds at New York Fest. She has won several game shows such a Wheel of Fortune & Million Dollar Money Drop and drops the occasional track on the dance floor.



Lo Weng Heng’s meticulous attention to his work has won him international awards for art and typography. From picking out badly kerned letters to adding intricate details on a visual, nothing escapes his keen eyes; especially not a hottie a mile away.


Thank you for helping us make the AUTOMARTYR series come true.

Aaron Neff

Hisashi Matsui

Shae the Red

Ryan Lister

Boon Tan

Wayne Fernandes

Viraj Chouhan

Wee Khiang

Samantha Lai

Edward Chong

Jonathan Chua

Bernard Ward

Yeo Lik Khai 

John Martin

Desmond Soon

Ng Jing Wen

Chanthani Satjatham

Jeromy Seow

Paul Tan

Nash Ismail

Edwin Lim

Ivan Lee

Cassandra Chee

Nicholas Hong

Benjamin Tan

Bob Tay

Greg Pan

Ng San May






Frank Casamento

Iban Ferrino

Dwight Collins

Adam Tester 

Brad Smit

Raymond Barnes

Lloyd Burton

Elaine Cheng

Race Dorman

Niki Koh

Mario Marquez

Ashley Hue

Kelvin Gan

Richard Oswald

Tony Tan Kia Shuan

J’field Yeo

Lim Si Hui

Daniel Stone 

Katherine Thoreson

Joseph Diaz

David Heald

Ricardo Man

Lee Thye Long

Loh Kai Wai

Mark Fong

Beat Marty

Adelee Ho

Emily Mah

Sylvar Ogre



Peter Mikkelsen

Brian Murley

Justin Richardson

Quentin Lehembre

Piper Steed

Jacob Frampton

Steven Brown

Michael Dolce

Winston Lee

Ian Benney

Philmon Yip

Hanis Jazil

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